At EMS Today Urgent Care & Emergency Medicine, We aim to provide our patients with competent emergency medical services when they need it. We will provide the required treatment instead of having to schedule an appointment several weeks in advance or wait several days for the next available appointment, the day patients drive by. We will attempt to treat the source of the pain, and not just the symptoms.

In reference to other walk-in clinics, on-site and staff providers at EMS Today who are procedurally qualified to deal with acute urgent medical issues that are non-life-threatening.

In the Spring area, EMS Today offers walk-in and drive through care for non-life-threatening diseases and injuries such as sprains, strains, fractures, lacerations, allergies, rashes and congestion problems.

EMS Today Drive Thru Urgent Care is specifically intended for the care of Covid19 patients. In the patient’s car, we will have nebulizer therapy, steroid injection, and antibiotic IM shots.

Visit the office or book an appointment by phone or online today to learn more about the primary and urgent care services provided by EMS Today.

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